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SAFE Boats International and Hefring Marine Announce Partnership

Hefring Marine

8. apr. 2024

SAFE Boats International and Hefring Marine Announce Partnership to Enhance Crew Welfare, Operational Efficiency and Vessel Insights.

SAFE Boats International and Hefring Marine are proud to announce a formal partnership between the companies, combining SAFE Boats’ focus on durability, safety and performance with Hefring Marine’s intelligent tools for crew welfare, efficiency and vessel lifecycle management. With over 1,000 nautical miles of Hefring Marine IMAS (‘Intelligent Marine Assistance System’) data recorded through various trials and demonstrations on the SAFE 35 Multi-Mission Interceptor (MMI), the companies are confident in the solution’s capability and suitability for SAFE Boats’ range of professional vessels and their users.

Richard Schwarz, CEO, shared: "Working with Hefring Marine allows us to provide our customers with a unique set of tools to help improve the welfare and safety of their crew and to generate richer insights into the use and efficiency of their vessels. Offering IMAS to our customers aligns with our commitment to continuously innovate and our mission to provide professional mariners with the most capable boats that allow them to complete their missions and save lives."

Hefring Marine’s IMAS solution uses an onboard computer and sensors to monitor, collect and process data on motions, impacts, engines, navigation and other available systems. The system can make real-time predictions and deliver operators with condition-adaptive decision support, optimizing speed for impact and vibration minimization, fuel use and range maximization. All collected and processed data can be stored on board or transferred in real time for storage and active monitoring to the IMAS Console, which provides a range of tools for performance visualization, reporting and in-depth analysis.

This collaboration represents a joint commitment to better understand the unique demands of SAFE Boats' diverse range of customers and to make available to them an array of advanced decision-enhancing tools designed specifically to enhance their fleets’ capabilities.

Karl Birgir Björnsson, CEO and co-founder of Hefring Marine, added: "We are proud to have the opportunity to work with SAFE Boats International. Their exceptional track record in building robust, high-performance vessels complements our vision of enhancing professional boat operations through the integration of data-driven technology. We believe this partnership will not only foster innovation but also set new standards in maritime excellence, creating a more advanced future on the water."


ABOUT: SAFE BOATS INTERNATIONAL is a 100% American employee-owned and operated company that designs and builds highly reliable and durable vessels for military, law enforcement, and fire professionals worldwide. With over 2,500 boats currently in service in over 70 countries, customers can trust in the quality of the vessels. SAFE Boats also provides outstanding warranty, service, and parts support, as well as access to a comprehensive in-house support network. The company is open to discussing potential opportunities for product and commercial collaboration, such as pilot projects and joint marketing efforts.

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