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AI-driven marine solution,
for real-time decision support

Optimise operations, cut fuel costs, and enhance safety. Our AI-driven solution offers real-time decision support for a sustainable and streamlined maritime future.



Nautical miles




Duration in hours

Trusted by the toughest marine professionals

The IMAS system has already contributed significantly to reducing our operating costs through its data-driven insights and intelligent guidance, which have optimized vessel performance and management. As we continue to implement the IMAS system, we foresee even greater savings potential, particularly in the realm of fuel efficiency, further enhancing our commitment to providing an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and unforgettable experience for our guests.

Reynar Ottosson

Captain and former CEO at Whale Safari

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We were covering nautical miles at high speed and low impacts by navigating through an unknown coastline of western Norway. It felt like a relaxed day at the office even when travelling at 50 knots.

Vladimir Sovilj

Sr. Engineer at Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S


Empowering Maritime Safety and Efficiency

Explore the benefits and statistics and unlock your fleets full potential


Fuel consumption and CO2 savings


Reduction in wave slamming impacts


Insurance premium savings

Reduce fuel consumption

Lower carbon footprint

Increase vessel lifespan

Protect people and equipment

Train inexperienced operators

Monitor vessel condition


About Hefring Marine

Hefring Marine is an Icelandic data-driven marine deep-tech company leveraging Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT). Our hardware-enabled Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provides vessel operators and control systems with decision-making support and monitoring insights for improved safety, fuel efficiency and maintenance planning.

We are a dynamic team with backgrounds in software development, mechanical and electrical engineering, condition and vibration monitoring, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. As well as boat building and design, business development and strategy, sales and marketing, and product and service development.

Our ambition is to be the leading provider of data-driven solutions that empower the intelligent future fleet to be safer, more efficient and more capable of autonomous decision-making.

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