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Digitalizing seamanship,
operationalizing insights

For boats and vessels


Optimize speed and operations. Monitor in real time. Log trip history. Enhance safety, comfort and efficiency.

Hefring Marine is a cloud-based solution that provides operating guidance and monitoring, helping operators and managers make better decisions to ensure a safe, comfortable and efficient operational envelope.

Hefring Marine can help ensure safety and improve operator behavior, reduce maintenance need and damage risk, provide on-the-go training, improve resale value, ensure duty of care, aid training and ensure that vessels operated within specification or operational limits. 

Improve situation awareness

Reduce accident
and damage risk

Enhance fuel efficiency 

Training and 
decision support

Increase safe behaviour

Improve operational sustainability

Monitor and reduce maintenance need 

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Fewer impacts from behavior change


Potential annual operating savings


Fewer impacts with guidance speed

Adaptive speed optimization for any weather and sea condition

Vessel types
and applications

  • Commercial

  • Search and rescue

  • Law enforcement

  • Defense

  • Charters

  • Yacht tenders

  • Excursions

  • Unmanned vessels

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The Hefring Marine system uses intelligent proprietary processing to determine a recommended speed for the a vessel, where the system automatically varies its guidance to reflect prevailing sea and weather conditions. The information is presented as guidance to the operator on an intuitive screen interface, which can be displayed in selected multi-function display brands.


The onboard system is supported by a cloud-based fleet management Admin Console for real-time monitoring and collection of detailed historical trip logs. Motions, speed, location, and other analysis and data can be reviewed on a second-by-second basis. 

Hefring is an innovative company based in Iceland, focusing on developing solutions for intelligent insights and decision support in boating and vessel operations for the purposes of improving safety, comfort and efficiency. 

As a company, our goal is to develop solutions that focus on software, data analysis and interpretation, prioritizing prevention over treatment where possible.


We are a dynamic team with backgrounds in boat building, software development, mechanical, engineering, condition and vibration monitoring, as well as corporate and business development.