• impactful insights

    Digital Co-Pilot & Fleet Management

  • impactful insights

    Digital Co-Pilot & Fleet Management

  • impactful insights

    Digital Co-Pilot & Fleet Management

  • impactful insights

    Digital Co-Pilot & Fleet Management

Guidance-driven operation at sea

Hefring Marine is a connected boating telematics system that delivers real time situation guidance, monitoring and trip insights. On board it generates a suggested safe speed for operators to follow based on sea conditions, wave impacts and actual speed. It connects the vessel in real time with a fleet management system for performance monitoring and alerts. At the end of each trip, a report with insights into each trip, captain and vessel is automatically generated.
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injuries in recreational boating accidents worldwide
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Hefring Marine ecosystem

hm captain
Operational guidance

Intuitive operator interface with real time
safety speed (ROG) and wave impact guidance

Alerts if safe speed is exceeded

Trip incident reports and feedback

Real time weather forecasts

Rugged IP67 tablet and sensor

hm admin
Monitoring and insights
Configurable speed and impact limits
Location, speed and impact monitoring
Dashboard and SMS alerts
Engaging graphical trip reports
Captain and vessel performance data
Insightful and actionable data

General technical description

hm captain

cloud server

hm admin

How the system works

User & stakeholder benefits


  • We strive to find ways to make our services more accessible and valuable for our customers. We have been looking for solutions for high speed boat insurance, as we needed insights into their operations. We have been facing the issue of not being able to tailor our service experience well enough to our customers’ needs, but I believe Hefring can help.

    Methúsalem Hilmarsson

    Designer Director of Accident Prevention | TM
  • We run six boats from Reykjavík harbor and take passengers out daily on whale watching trips. Our passengers are usually getting their first high speed boat experience on our trips. It is critical for us that our passengers are safe and in good hands. The Hefring system is a game changer for a company like mine.

    Reynar Ottósson

    CEO | Captain | Whale Safari
  • At the Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre, we always look for the best solutions to improve training and student safety. Hefring Marine provides students with accurate speed guidance for students during training and lets us monitor performance in real time and after trips. I also see potential for the system on excursion and charter boats, and small fast fishing vessels. Their dangers are the same as ours and Hefring Marine can help prevent serious but avoidable accidents.

    Bogi Þorsteinsson

    Teacher & First Officer | Icelandic Search and Rescue Association
  • The Icelandic Coast Guard has been using Hefring Marine in the MOB tenders to the patrol ship, Týr. The system has proven very useful in particular for missions where we have had to face tough sea conditions, which happens regularly around the Icelandic coast. It helps our operators improve safety by evaluating how fast they should go based on prevailing conditions and has also been helpful as a tool to train new operators. It further allows us to compare operators to determine who performs best when it comes to handling of crew and sensitive equipment.

    Einar Þór Hansen

    Ship Supervisor | Icelandic Coast Guard

Examples of use cases

  • Operators of passenger carrying vessels to reduce number of accidents, complaints and claims.
  • System implemented to improve operator situation awareness, implement safety speeds and improve comfort and safety.
  • Also to monitor and manage impact effects on crew and cargo to set rest requirements.


  • RIB safari operator enforcing rules to limit speed to ensure passenger comfort and safety.
  • An insurance company willing to review premiums based on safety records from trip reports.
  • A private boat owner setting speed limits for his Children, as well as monitoring their use of his boat.
  • Crew transfer vessels with standing crew can better manage and monitor rest requirements.
  • This use case has been requested for larger vessels, in particular charter yachts for high end clientele.
  • For schools and academies to improve training efficiency.
  • System implemented to automatically generate student and trip profiles, benchmark and compare performance between students and to optimizing training and safety procedures. Used on board for speed guidance.


  • A RIB safari operator using less experienced operators with system for guided assistance on board.
  • The Icelandic Search and Rescue Association’s training academy using system to train new operators.
  • Vessel operators and owners running regular trips where a large portion of their operating cost is fuel.
  • System implemented on board with set speed limit and real time guidance speed. Following guidance will ensure a more consistent speed, reduce fuel cost from regular throttle shifts and inefficient wave impacts.


  • Passenger carrying vessels running regular trips can better maintain consistent safe speeds for increased efficiency.
  • Reducing cost of vessel and equipment maintenance and repairs caused by impacts and stress.
  • System implemented to enforce procedures, operational profiles and incident reports for review, monitoring and damage prevention.


  • Charter company will base rental fees on customer performance to operating rules.
  • Boat builder wants systems to use guidance and data to reduce warranty claims.
  • The Icelandic Coast Guard had idea of using system to ensure that operators approach mother vessel at a speed that allows the waterjet to be cooled down.

Vessel trip comparison

Captain unaware of Hefring Marine sensor on board.

Average impact 1.3G and peak impact 4.6G.

Captain aware of Hefring Marine sensor on board.

Average impact 0.5G and peak impact 2.0G.

Same captain and boat in similar conditions.



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Hefring Marine's digital AI co-pilot solution monitors and analyzes a vessel's speed, movement and operating conditions, providing vessel operators and fleet managers with intelligent decision-support for speed optimization, real-time tracking and automatically generated trip reports. #safty #innovation ... See MoreSee Less
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The company

Ægir and Rán , the Nordic god and goddess of the sea, had nine daughters. Their daughters were the wave spirits and their names reflected different characteristics of waves. One of the daughters was named for the rising wave. Her name was


Mission & Vision

To ensure that each boat journey is safe, guided and monitored. To develop and make available intelligent systems for vessel owners, operators and managers that deliver valuable insights to enhance safety, efficiency, and asset longevity.

About us

Hefring was founded in Iceland in late 2018. The team behind the concept comes from a diverse background, from business development to mechanical engineering, boat building, education, banking, and medical devices.
The idea behind Hefring developed out of our own need to measure impact forces affecting the boats that we were working on developing back when we were involved in the boat building industry. At the same time, a number of incidents occurred on high-speed boats in Iceland that resulted in serious injuries.
Connecting the two problem areas, we set out to develop a concept for a system capable of providing captains with guiding information about their journey. What began as a simple screen with color indicators, fixed to the console of a high-speed vessel, has now developed into a full-fledged intelligent guidance and fleet management system.
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Karl Birgir Björnsson

CEO & Co-founder
Hefring Marine Björn Jónsson

Björn Jónsson

COO & Co-Founder
Hefring Marine Magnús Þór Jónsson

Magnús Þór Jónsson

CTO & Co-Founder

Evangelos Kirou

Marketing & Partner