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Intelligent operating guidance, analytics and monitoring

On board and on shore AI that saves fuel, reduces carbon emissions and improves safety with real time boat operations guidance, monitoring and reporting.

Intelligent assistance for vessel operations that continuously improves as it learns

Hefring IMAS solution

The Intelligent Marine Assistance System IMAS provides operators with on board speed guidance optimised for safety and fuel efficiency. With all data collected to the on shore cloud platform, managers and owners receive powerful insights into their operations to monitor, plan and analyze.

Trusted by the toughest marine professionals

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96% of accidents at sea are due to human errors


20% of fuel consumption is due to imprecise operations


1. US Coast Guard | 2. Hefring Marine research

Empowering Maritime Safety and Efficiency

Explore the benefits and statistics and unlock your fleets full potential


Fuel consumption and CO2 savings


Reduction in wave slamming impacts


Insurance premium savings

Protect people and equipment

Reduce fuel consumption

Lower carbon footprint

Monitor vessel condition

Increase vessel lifespan

Train inexperienced operators



IMAS is your digital assistant.
It provides real-time guidance to ensure that your speed and route are safe and fuel efficient, informing you if dangerous thresholds are exceeded. 


Track and monitor fleet status, location, ride quality, fuel efficiency and safety. Evaluate performance with IMAS guidance as a benchmark. Create rules and receive bespoke and system alerts.


Analyze insights and statistics for individual trips, vessels and captains, or for the whole fleet. Vessel and captain profiles, with captain performance ranking generated automatically.


About Hefring Marine

Hefring Marine is an Icelandic data-driven marine deep-tech company leveraging Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT). Our hardware-enabled Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provides vessel operators and control systems with decision-making support and monitoring insights for improved safety, fuel efficiency and maintenance planning.

We are a small but dynamic team with backgrounds in software and algorithm development, mechanical and electrical engineering, condition and vibration monitoring, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. As well as boat building and design, business development and strategy, sales and marketing, and product and service development.

Our ambition is to be the leading provider of data-driven solutions that empower the intelligent future fleet to be safer, more efficient and more capable of autonomous decision-making.

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