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Intelligent Marine Assistance System

The Intelligent Marine Assistance System IMAS tackles two of the largest cost and risk drivers of fleet operations: accidents and fuel consumption. The solution is an on board Artificial Intelligence that saves fuel, reduces carbon emissions and improves safety with real time sea navigation that continuously improves as the AI learns.

The solution has demonstrated a capability to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25%, reduce dangerous shocks and impact on board by up to 70% and reduce insurance premium policy discounts from selected insurers by up to 20%.

IMAS can contribute to mitigating for inexperience, enhancing situational awareness and minimizing the risk of bad habits. As well as providing deeper insights and analytical capability into the operation of a fleet.

boat trip statistics
analytical dashboard

IMAS is powered by durable and easy to install equipment

IMAS is powered by durable equipment, the Control Unit and the Sensor Unit. The equipment is simple to fit and install in most professional vessels. Convenient for retrofitting or for new-builds.

Control unit

Central system computing module that collects, saves and processes data from the Sensor Unit and from on-board systems through NMEA2000. Presents output to a compatible multi-function display on board via ethernet and uploads all data to the IMAS Cloud platform through a cellular network or the vessel’s own modem. Can be connected to and integrated with most onboard systems. IP67-rated and comes with all required cables.

Sensor unit

A high-performance inertial measurement unit (IMU), wired to the IMAS Control Unit, with a built-in accelerometer (+/-16g), dual gyroscopes and a magnetometer. If required, multiple IMAS Sensor Units can be connected to the IMAS Control System. Comes equipped with Hefring Marine’s proprietary rigid body filter. IP67-rated and comes with the required cable.

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