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Adaptive speed guidance for safety and fuel efficiency

Using collected and real-time data on vessel motions, weather and sea conditions, engines and systems, and operator and vessel response, the system makes continuous predictions for the trip and decides on the optimal actions, presented to the operator in real time recommended speed.

Depending on the trip mode, this guidance will deliver either the highest attainable safe speed or the highest fuel efficient speed. Developed in collaboration with highly experienced vessel captains, this feature delivers the real time decision that a skilled operator would make. 

boat dashboard

Real-time wave impacts

The system's Sensor unit accurately monitors impacts and vibrations caused as the vessel moves through the water, which are displayed in real-time to the operator, delivering alerts on board and on shore when an impact threshold is exceeded. An impact counter records the number of times the threshold is exceeded. 

Weather and sea condition forecast

On board, weather and sea state information from the latest forecast are displayed in real time to the captain.

route guidance

Route guidance (BETA)

Using collected, calculated and forecast data, the weather-adaptive route guidance system finds the optimized route to follow on your journey in order to ensure that the trip is safe and fuel efficient.

Requiring only information on the start and end locations, the chosen vessel, and the starting time, the system will plot a route in only a minute, using the latest weather and sea condition forecast available for the selected region.


Live monitoring

Monitor all vessels in the fleet in real-time, viewing live trips on an interactive map with a graph overlay. View all collected and calculated data, from experienced impacts, safety-optimized speed guidance, fuel consumption, weather and sea conditions, engine performance, and all available data down to second-by-second resolution.


Create multiple geofences and use them to trigger alerts when vessels enter or leave their boundaries or to define custom rules for regions and areas, receiving alerts when rules are violated in that area.

Vessel status

Monitor status and location of all vessels when operating and when idle, including engine hours, fuel rate, battery voltage, water depth, oil temperatures and pressure. 

Vessel rules and alerts

Define custom rules for vessels that apply everywhere or within specific geofences that trigger alerts when violated. Custom alert rules can be defined for any data collected, from speed and wave impacts to fuel rate or oil pressure.

Real-time alerts

Receive real-time alerts from geofences, custom rule violations and vessel warnings from NMEA2000 in the on-shore platform and via email or sms.

custom rules


Fleet statistics

View detailed statistics for each trip or the entire fleet over selected time periods. Study and compare trips, vessels, captains and aggregate fleet data on highly interactive charts. Inspect trips on a geographical map with an interactive chart overlay where hovering over a data point shows the exact location of the vessel at that point of time.

boat trip map
boat trip statistics
analytical dashboard

Fleet insights

Automatically generated reports for each trip with key insights and analysis, alerts, and tracking. Keep track of the entire fleet performance and individual trips, vessels and captains with radar charts showing an overall score based on analyzed data and performance criteria.

Vessel and captain profiles

Break down the performance of individual vessels and captains with statistical and analytical profiles.

Captain performance ranking

Watch captains progress in rank from Trainee to Legend as their trip scores improve over time. Give your captains access to their profiles and their performance ranking to enhance engagement and data ownership.

captain profile page
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