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Hefring Marine successfully concludes funding round

Hefring Marine

21. maí 2024

Hefring Marine today announced an investment of €2.2 million from an international group of investors.

Hefring Marine today announced an investment of €2.2 million led by Faber Ventures with participation by Innoport VC, Two Ravens, MD-One, Riverstone Ventures, Idlewild Management LLC and Sukna Holdings.

Hefring Marine is an Icelandic deep-tech company that specializes in intelligent maritime solutions, with a mission to empower vessel operators and managers to enhance safety, efficiency and sustainability.

The company’s main product, IMAS, is an AI-driven on-board system that collects and analyses vessel data for real-time on-board decision support, optimizing for speed, route and heading, as well as providing operators and managers with immediate and historical insights into the entire fleet. The IMAS system can significantly improve situational awareness to enhance safety, reduce fuel use and emissions, and provide insights into vessel conditions and maintenance needs.

Initially targeting a raise of €2.0 million, greater interest in the round by investors than initially expected prompted Hefring Marine to increase the funding amount. The funding will be used to grow the team with new hirings, expand the company’s sales infrastructure, and further advance developments of the IMAS solution. Rita Sousa, Partner at Faber Ventures, commented, "We are excited to partner with Hefring Marine in their mission to drive positive change across all segments of the professional and leisure boating industries. Their innovative approach to addressing environmental challenges makes them an ideal investment for us."

Hefring Marine has a diverse range of customers, engaging in everything from search and rescue, defence, law enforcement, crew transfer, fisheries and pilotage to tourism, charter, and leisure. The Icelandic company has recently announced partnerships with vessel builders, such as SAFE Boats International, Diverse Marine and Archipelago Yachts, as well as commercial partnerships with the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue, TM Insurance and the Italian Coast Guard. The IMAS system has helped Hefring Marine’s customers reduce fuel use by up to 20%, reduce harmful wave impacts by up to 70% and reduce insurance premiums by 20%. With an ever-growing database amassing from over 1,000 vessel trips per month, Hefring Marine is continuously expanding its future product roadmap and opportunities with an advanced suite of intelligent, data-driven solutions.

The company maintains a portfolio of registered international patents and trademarks, branding elements and intellectual property assets. Hefring Marine will have a presence at most major industry trade shows in Europe and the United States over the year to boost awareness and grow sales and will target a larger financing round in late 2025 to scale the business further.


About Faber

Faber is a Lisbon-based venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurial teams that innovate at the intersection of science and technology in areas such as digital transformation and climate action. The firm combines a specialized focus on deep tech early-stage startups with thematic funds, dedicated teams and advisors who actively work with entrepreneurs to build global companies in the areas of AI and Data and Climate and Oceans (pre-seed and seed). Established in 2013, Faber was an early investor in companies such as Unbabel, Seedrs, Codacy, Sword Health, Smartex, Ydata, iLoF, MicroHarvest or 1s1 Energy. For more information, visit

About Innoport

As the venture capital arm of the Schulte Group, INNOPORT upholds the global outlook and trusted reputation of its parent company, Bernhard Schulte, a maritime leader since 1883. They leverage their global presence and diverse skills to identify maritime opportunities, support founders from inception to exit, and connect them with the broader Schulte network. They invest in early-stage startups worldwide, particularly in Europe and Asia, offering capital and maritime expertise to refine business models and foster growth strategies. INNOPORT seeks innovative, disruptive teams to drive technology adoption and reinvent supply chain business models.

About Two Ravens

Two Ravens is dedicated to investing in exceptional yet often overlooked founders. They aim to level the playing field by providing capital and zero-to-one operational expertise. Leveraging their global network of advisors, potential customers, and investors, they boost each founder's chances of success. With investments ranging from $250K to $500K, they focus on pre-seed and early seed technology companies, playing various roles, including lead, co-lead, and follow. Founders with a unique vision are encouraged to connect with them.

About MD-One

Founded in 2021, MD One is Europe's first National Security venture capital firm. With a flexible, founder-friendly approach, the team leverages deep sector expertise and a solid venture capital track record to invest in early-stage startups from Pre-Seed to Series A. They partner with exceptional founders developing dual-use technologies for commercial and governmental clients and aim to provide significant value through follow-on investments while remaining deeply committed to supporting visionary founders.

About Riverstone Ventures

Riverstone Ventures invests in companies at the intersection of climate industries to drive systemic change. Leveraging over 20 years of energy sector leadership, they de-risk and scale foundational technologies for the next-generation economy. As part of Riverstone Holdings LLC, a private asset management firm focusing on energy, power, and infrastructure, Riverstone Ventures partners with top-tier management teams to deliver market-leading returns for investors. They use a unique ecosystem approach to build effective solutions through their family of funds.

About Idlewild Management LLC

Idlewild Management LLC (Idlewild) is an investment management firm that focuses on a range of asset classes, including equities, private credit, direct investments, and real estate. The team at Idlewild is passionate about maritime innovation and excited to support Hefring Marine as they pave the way for safer, smarter fleets.

About Sukna Holdings

Sukna is an early-stage VC fund supporting digital transformation startups with value creation at every stage. Their team has a strong background in tech investments across finance, entertainment, and more. Backed by a global network of investors and leaders, Sukna seeks strong founders adapting to evolving sectors (fintech, gaming, education, health) and leveraging technologies like AI, AR/VR, and blockchain to shape how we work, play, learn, and live.

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