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Hefring Marine

"Hefring Marine is a cloud-based solution that provides operating guidance and monitoring, helping operators and managers make better decisions to ensure a safe, comfortable and efficient operational envelope. The vessel-mounted system uses the latest sensor technologies to collect data on motions, speed and location. With that data, it uses intelligent proprietary processing to calculate a recommended speed and heading for the vessel, where the system automatically varies its guidance to reflect prevailing


sea and weather conditions. With the information presented as guidance to the operator on an intuitive screen interface, it can help reduce human errors, improve safety and operator behavior, reduce risk of motion sickness, reduce maintenance need, improve oversight, aid training and personnel development and ensure duty of care. The onboard system is supported by a user-friendly, cloud-based fleet management portal for real-time monitoring, as well as detailed historical trip logs and insights for analysis and review. Hefring ehf. is an Icelandic startup company founded in 2018."

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"To continuously innovate the boating experience with digital augmentation."


"To improve safety and efficiency in boating by enhancing the experience and skills of operators with digital systems for guidance, decision support and actionable insights."